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(Ongoing) English-Speaking Class With Kids Village

Learn to Read CVC Words! 4-7 year olds

A Beginning to Read Class: Reading, Writing, and Spelling, Pre K – First, ESL. 25 minutes per class – Twice per week every week- 3-9 learners per class

  • Children will learn to blend, read, write, and spell CVC words using phonics, interactive games, slides, writing, and stories. Your child’s confidence will soar as they become successful at reading. Pre K, Kindergarten, Grade One, and ESL.

Private 1:1 Conversational English for ESL Learners – Ongoing!

This is a private one on one ongoing conversational ESL class. This is ideal for students that can speak some very basic level English: 30 minutes per class -Once per week every week-

ESL Beginners for Ages 3 – 6

  • Small Group Once a Week
  • This is an ongoing ESL small group 2-3 students that meets once a week. We will help your child learn basic English vocabulary and other skills, while practicing conversational English. We also play game to help with listening skills, answering questions, and identifying different items.

Creature Club! Let’s Have a Conversation/ Chat (Ages 10-13) Native English speaker -native bilingual .

Does your learner love science, biology, animals, and zoology? In this class, students will develop social skills and use critical thinking to join in an interactive dialogue on a variety of creatures from those in the wild to our own pets.

Intro to Body Weight Exercise

This ongoing class Students will learn and practice the basics of Bodyweight exercising.

2-8 learners per class – 25 minutes per class -4-7 year olds. Learning goals Students will learn body weight exercices that allow them to get out extra energy and stay while at home.